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Mount Pelion, or Pilio as it is also known, is easliy one of the most naturally beautiful and inspiring regions in all of Greece. Situated in the region of Magnesia in Thessaly in Central Greece, Pelion offers you the holidays you have always dreamed about.

With the huge Mount Pelion dominating the skyline, and the beautiful sandy beaches and blue waters surrounding the coast, Pelion is a visually stunning region to visit.

All year round, visitors will visit Pelion, and experience all the magic and beauty of this place we call home.

Each season in Pelion brings with it a new lease of life and a changing scenery providing you with wonderful images and landscapes. Summer is popular with many visitors because of the wonderful beaches and clean waters that are to be found all around Pelion.

During the winter season, the famous ski centre of Agriolefkes is bustling with visitors from all over Greece and beyond, who have come to enjoy the excellent ski facilities on offer, as well as the stunning views that can be had on Mount Pelion.

There really is no other place like Pelion in Greece. It has everything that you could need to have some of the most enjoyable and relaxing holidays of your life.

On this website you can find all of the travel information and services that you require for your Pelion holidays such as hotels, rooms, apartments, studios, car rental, excursions and lots more travel information for this unique and extremely beautiful part of Greece.

We want your stay here in Pelion to be one that you will always remember for the right reasons. Pelion is one of the most beautiful parts of Greece and we are confident that you when visit this region yourself, you will come to appreciate just how special and magical it really is.

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