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There are many beautiful regions all over Greece, but none can be compared to the unique and stunning region of the Pelion peninsula. From the sandy beaches around the coast, to the panoramic views from the mountainous villages, Pelion is a place of immense natural beauty, magic, and a destination where you will enjoy one of the best holidays you have ever taken.

What makes Pelion so special is a combination of the crystal waters of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea, as well as the mountainous landscape, that dominates the skyline.

All across the Pelion peninsula are villages and coastal resorts, varying in size from the large famous villages of Tsagarada, Portaria and Makrinitsa, so small hidden jewels such as Mikro, Horto and many others.

Pelion is the ideal destination for your holidays in Greece, all year round. It is a place where each season brings with it new sights, sounds and aromas. From the blossoming scenery of the flowers and vegetation in spring, to the snow covered villages in the winter, Pelion offers an everchanging scenery that will capture both your heart and mind.

No matter what type of holiday you are looking for, Pelion will be able to offer it. For those seeking nothing more than peace and relaxation, Pelion is perfect. Here, you can find pure tranquility, and listen to the sounds of the sea lapping up against the shore, and you sit back and soak up the sun.

Pelion is the ideal escape from the more popular and overcrowded holiday destinations in Greece, and at times, you can feel as though you are a million miles away from the day stress and routine of everyday life.
Holidays in Pelion Greece Travel Hotels Pelion Vacations
If you want holidays filled with fun and adventure, then again, Pelion is ideal. There are a range of activities that you can enjoy, such as trekking, ski and winter sports, horse riding, camping, mountain climbing, biking, and many other action-packed activities.

The delightful regions of Pelion make it a place that needs to be explored to be fully appreciated. There are so many beautiful villages worth visiting, where you can indulge in local traditions and the way of life of the locals who live here. There are many beautiful churches and monasteries in Pelion worth visiting, where you can see the beautifully crafted icons and paintings.

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