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The famous steam train of Pelion, "Moutzouris-Smudgy" is one of the most unique and inspiring activites that one can partake in when visiting the Pelion Peninsula.

Steam Train of Mount Pelion Holidays in Pelion Greece This charming steam train takes visitors on a beautiful journey across various Pelion villages, providing a unique experience and seeing parts of Pelion that are inaccessable by any form of transport.

Crossing several arched bridges and following a magnificent landscape and green and blue, the train journey is an experience that every visitor to Pelion should take.

The steam train was the project of the Italian engineer, "Evaristo De Kirico", who brought the project to life through a combination of his technical knowledga and imagination.

The first section of the railway was completed in 1895, after work began in late 1894. This first section joined the village of Lehonia with the port city of Volos. The railway line reached the village of Milies in 1903, and covered a total of 29km.

During the development, several bridges were constructed for the railway line, and these bridges blended in perfectly with the surrounding areas, creating a true beauty and magic about them.

Over the years, the train was used for the transportation of both people and goods across the various villages that it connected with. The train operated up until 1971.

After that, with the general growth of cars and other forms of transportation, it was deemed that the train was too expensive to keep running.

Today however, the charming steam train is back in operation, and now provides visitors to Pelion with a wonderful day out, offering a journey across this magical part of Greece, and delighting all of those who take this lovely journey.

At "Adventure Travel", we can help with arranging tickets for your to experience this steam train. Please contact us for further information.

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